In the midst of a hurricane it’s hard to think about fashion, but as life slowly gets back to normal, we are here to briefly take your mind off the madness and get back to business as usual.

So, what did we see at New York Fashion Week this year? The real question is, what didn’t we see? Celebrating the art of fashion for a great cause, Art Hearts Fashion kicked off New York Fashion Week with a spectacular display of talent from around the world. From Thursday Sept. 7 to Monday Sept. 11, designers featured didn’t hold back this year. They brought fashionable grunge to new levels while implementing seasonal pantone colors and texture—lots and lots of texture!

High fashion couture was bigger and better than ever with designers like Sanja Bobar, Mac Duggal and Luciana Adulari. See the recap below!

Sanja Bobar

You’ll see bold colors in the name of couture fashion with this collection, implementing some of the most popular colors of the season while playing around with lace and chiffon overlays

Luciana Adulari

Germany’s Luciana Adulari displayed an elegant collection of evening and bridal gowns that would make any bride feel like a princess. Be prepared to swoon because Luciana Adulari will have you in awe with her crisp-white couture gowns, just in time for award season. If you haven’t noticed, celebrities are gracing the red carpet in white this season. They’ve opted for neutral colors with demure silhouettes in lieu of the vibrant colors of the past.

Mac Duggal

Powerhouse designer Mac Duggal was the star of the five o’clock hour, bringing a packed house of celebrities and fashion insiders to the venue, and you can see why as he wowed the crowd in dresses that featured swirling fringe, 3-D embroidery on lace, off the shoulder looks, stylish pearl beading, and dramatic shades of lilac and blue.

This article was written by Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins and published at All photos by Arun Nevader/Getty Images,